Meet the Team

Dan Meyer

Dan has been working in the HVAC trade since 1986. He started out on the ground floor as a “shop boy” and has worked himself up to a Master Mechanic and part owner. Dan enjoys challenges that stump other technicians and will not leave a customer without heat in the winter or cooling in the summer if the equipment has any life left in it at all. Dan has worked on equipment from the California coast to the Dakotas, so he brings a vast wealth of experience that is only limited where there isn’t information to be discovered. Most people enjoy fishing or hunting or other hobbies where Dan enjoys researching and finding out the fine hidden details of aged or new equipment. Dan’s customers enjoy his calm mannerism, skill, and integrity in his work. At times he can explain things in such great detail that his customers nearly become technicians themselves! 

Samuel Meyer

Samuel started in 2003 as a 12-year-old kid working in the HVAC trade under his dad. Samuel grew into his own right as a job foreman by the age of 19 while working for a reputable HVAC company in South Dakota. Samuel is a self-driven and highly experienced business owner, installer, and service technician having taken this whole project of Legend-Air on at the age of 22 years old. Samuel has integrity that he places behind all phases of work that he does for the customer. His integrity shows from the estimate, to the explanations, to the installations or repairs that it keeps the phone ringing with people who want to talk directly to him. Samuel reminds customers that the work is done to the best of their ability as they “commit all work to the Lord.” For the 17 years that Samuel has been in the trade, the world of HVAC has been better for it! 

Ezekiel Wiechmann

Ezekiel is the newest member of the Legend-Air family. Ezekiel is an apprentice for both service calls and installations. Ezekiel has plenty of skills that he has brought to the company including being a mechanic in his own right, and he has grown up ranching to boot.  Ezekiel has presented with a work ethic that we are blessed to have in our company. He plans to be with us for a few short years as he is learning the business and hopes to take his experiences back to his home in South Dakota, where he will take over a local heat and air company there. Ezekiel is young enough that he still has hobbies with the vast opportunities living in South Dakota, as well as enjoying reading in the evening when the work is done. If you really want to know an inside talent, ask him for a private lesson on how to ride a unicycle!

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