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Heating your home or business can be a very expensive endeavor. So if you're looking to cut costs, it's time to consider a geothermal heat pump. At Legend-Air LLC, we offer a wide range of geothermal heat pump installation services for commercial and residential properties throughout Hazen, ND.

Benefits Galore

Geothermal heat pumps exchange their energy from and to the ground by means of water. There are two systems that utilize the earth's energy for that. The first is a open loop. The open loop is just that, it uses well water to directly supply the heat pump with a medium to absorb from or reject heat to. It then is returned to a receiving well or drainage field. The second is a closed loop system. It requires a loop field engineered to handle all of the loads with minimal auxiliary heat in the winter. The open has the least initial cost to install but will tend require more maintenance than a closed loop. The closed has a much higher initial install investment. The loop field is a one time investment. A properly designed, installed and maintained geothermal unit will provide twice the life cycle of a traditional system. Also having the benefits of a much lower utility bill. 

It's time to start saving money and energy with a new heat pump from Legend-Air LLC. To learn more about geothermal heat pump installation or to schedule an estimate for your home or business, call us today.

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